I've been playing games since I was 2 years old, developing since I was 17. What started as a tiny hobby, very quickly blew up into an enthralling obsession with technology behind games, I began reading source code for game mods trying to understand what all the words were doing. It was then I knew that I needed to learn how to program.

Enter Swinburne University. I began studying game development and software development to try to begin understanding what went into game development. 

Since, I have participated in game jams, created my own prototypes, helped others with their prototyping/creating and continued to gain knowledge and experience in the field that I love.

While the vast majority of my work uses Unity with C#, I have worked with C++, Unreal, Processing, p5.js and minor webdev langauges.

My approach to all works is to strive to create engaging, interactive software, whether it be games or applications. Each solution, whether professional, personal or educational, is created to the best of my ability.



2015-16  — Dip. Digital & Interactive Games
2015-16  — Dip. Software Development         
2017-20  — BA Computer Science